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Principal Message



Dear Students, The greatest joy of my life as a teacher is when students recognize me in the public as the person who was responsible for the success they have attained. This public recognition has always inspired me to be a better teacher and a good counselor.

I have spent my lifetime devoted to build career paths for many students. It is the passion and love for my profession that drive me to help actualize the potential of my students to the fullest. I have a dream… a dream to bring out the best in every student.

The aforesaid achievements have now pushed me further to take on this challenging task to lead East west Academy to greater heights. With the given resources, supported by a team of dedicated staff, qualified and well trained subject specialists, we assure you, your steady progress in your studies.

We can deliver because we are the education people. Everyone has a dream at Eastwest Academy we will realize every student’s dream.


  • 2 full Time academic teaching staff
  • 13 Part Time academic teaching staff
  • Class Room1 - Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 25
  • Class Room2 - Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 29
  • Class Room3 - Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 12
  • Class Room4 - Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 22
  • Class Room1(Eastwest Academy Premise @ Jurong East)- Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 14
  • Class Room2(Eastwest Academy Premise @ Jurong East) - Teacher student ratio is set at 1: 13
  • Transparent refund policies
  • Student counseling and support systems
  • Student feedback and evaluation systems
  • 116 x 2 Sessions = 232 full time
  • 116 x 1 Session = 116 part time
  • 5 Classrooms
  • 1 Computer lab
  • 3 Administrative Office

I wish you success in all your endeavors.



Eastwest Academy